Peptide ligands play a very important role in life processes, whether in the field of antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, organismal modulation or anticancer. Compared with small molecule drugs, there is still a huge gap in the research and application of peptides.

The current screening technology of active peptides has become an obstacle to the widespread use of peptides, although techniques such as phage display have shown good advantages. Because of the flexible existence of peptides, the virtual screening technique has not been better applied, although this technique has been widely used in the field of small molecule drug screening.

In order to study the peptide ligand-receptor interactions more deeply, our team collected and organized a database of peptide ligands (DPL). Our database focuses on the collection and organization of peptide ligands. All peptide ligands have clear receptor information, and this criterion is a prerequisite for data collection. In order to facilitate the research, this database not only collects the basic information of peptides, but also collates the related research literature and structural information. All peptide structure data will be available for everyone.

Some of the most recent research hot articles are collected in the Research Papers section.
Both the peptide database and the research articles are continuously updated by our team. We hope that everything we do can facilitate your peptide research.